February is ‘Otherworldly Originals Month’ at Short Story Sunday!

February signals the launch of the Short Story Sunday ‘Otherworldly Originals Month’a quartet of quirky, distinctive and original stories from a range of authors.

The programme starts with ‘Attitude Magazine’ Books Editor Will Davis who has penned a beautifully creative story about a lonely sea monster. Will’s short story ‘I Eat Peopleis live on Short Story Sunday on Sunday 1st February.

Short Story Sunday January Roundup

January saw the site publish a diverse range of original stories from talented authors including:

If you haven’t had a chance to read these yet please do – and do remember to share your thoughts on the site or via twitter @storiesonsunday!

Our Member’s Club Launches in March…

We are pleased to (finally!) announce that the Short Story Sunday Member’s Club is launching in March 2015. We are working on a member voting system so that you members can vote for their ‘Story of the Month’ with prizes for both the Author behind the story and the Member who posts the most engaging feedback on a story.

Short Story Sunday Club hits 150 Members

We are pleased to announced that in January, the Short Story Sunday Club signed up our 150th member – a good sign that people are still getting excited about short stories…

A new story every Sunday at www.shortstorysunday.com

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