Shooter Literary Magazine Issue #2: Union

While we’re preparing to distribute Issue #1 of Shooter Literary Magazine, we thought we’d get the ball rolling on submissions for Issue #2 and announce the theme, which will be Union.

After fielding stories and poetry that focused heavily on violent actions, death, destruction and difficult dilemmas in response to the first issue’s theme, we wanted to go in the opposite direction for Issue #2 and invite work that contemplates forces and situations that bring people together.

Short fiction, non-fiction and poetry should concern relationships, sex, marriage, romance, connection, bonding, forging disparate elements into a whole, bringing together different political/religious/social groups, and anything else that relates to the theme of Union. The theme can be interpreted either literally or metaphorically, and work that goes beyond the literal connotations of the theme to explore abstract concepts is very welcome. We are open to all genres, but writing should be of a literary standard, with an engaging story and distinctive style. Poetry that inclines to the observational, rather than experimental, end of the spectrum is preferred.

We seek relevant illustrations for cover art as well as the literary content. The deadline is April 1st. For guidelines and information on how to submit, please visit Shooter’s submissions page.

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