Battery Pack II now open to submissions

Battery Pack - A Micro-Anthology By Neon Books

Last year Neon Books published the first ever edition of Battery Pack – a tiny anthology of tiny stories, which was distributed free along with the spring issue of Neon Literary Magazine. The finished article featured stories that ranged from horror to tragedy to comedy to just plain weird, and enjoyed a print run of over three-hundred copies. This year I want to do it all over again.

To that end, Battery Pack II is now open to submissions. Stories need to be short, of course, but I’m also looking for original and high-quality writing. Take a look at the first volume for some reference, and then send along your miniature masterpieces via the webform on the guidelines page.

While you’re there, don’t forget to have a look at the most recent issue of Neon. If you subscribe now you’ll receive a free copy of Tracey S Rosenberg’s chapbook The Naming Of Cancer with your first issue. That’s in addition to the free pamphlet Selected Timelines: Past & Future. And all that for only £10 plus postage!

7 thoughts on “Battery Pack II now open to submissions

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