Submit to Popshot Magazine’s ‘Outsider’ issue

Submit to Popshot Magazine

Flick to a fresh page and break out a brand new biro dear wordsmiths — Popshot is now open for submissions for its 13th issue, accepting short stories and poems on the theme of ‘Outsider‘.

The word ‘underdog’ has been scrawled on our list of possible themes for years now, but it was only when ‘outsider’ was blurted out as an option that it finally clicked. Outsiders, much like underdogs, make for the greatest stories. They are the black sheep, the long shots, the ones that don’t quite fit the mould. And yet, despite being in the supposed minority, they are everywhere — you just can’t always see them. It’s these people that we hope to explore and celebrate in the forthcoming issue of Popshot: the odd, the unconventional, the unexpected, the outsiders.

If you would like the opportunity to have your short fiction or poetry published and illustrated in the next issue of Popshot, find out the full submissions guidelines at the submit page at our website.

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