Story Fridays Call for Submissions – The 1980s

We’re looking for stories inspired by or set in or about the 1980s for our 1980s themed Story Friday in January.  Whether the 1980s make you think about Mrs Thatcher and the miners, or about shoulder pads and Adam Ant, we’d like to hear what you’ve got to say.  This Story Friday will kick off a weekend of festive 1980s fun with films and a 1980s disco (get that hair frizzed and dig out the legwarmers!).  So, if you remember the 1980s, and it was a hellava decade, then send us your stories – 2,000 words or under, written to be read out loud.   Story Fridays is on January 9th, so please make sure you are available to come to Bath and be at the event before you submit.  Our deadline is 29th December – what else would you be doing in the run up to New Year??

For more information and to submit your stories click here.  We look forward to reading them!

3 thoughts on “Story Fridays Call for Submissions – The 1980s

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  2. I used to receive emails from you almost every morning and now they have stopped and I miss them and wonder if you could let me know what the problem is and will you be sending them out again or have you stopped them altogether. From Diane.

    • Hi Diane, it’s not ShortStops but WordPress which sends you an email daily if you have signed up to follow this blog – you could try signing up to follow us again!

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