Felixstowe Book Festival Short Story Comp 2015

Felixstowe Book Festival launches 2015 short story competition…

“One of our festival themes this year is ‘in the margins’.

This theme came out of a conversation about Felixstowe’s position at the edge of Britain, at the edge of the continental block of Europe but joined by its shipping to the whole world. The town sits on the edge of the sea, which, on a winter’s stormy day, seems to want to reclaim it. It sits between two rivers like the text of a book between the margins.

What is seen as ‘in the margins’ or ‘on the edge’ can be more exciting and rich than what is central. People can be seen as in the margins of society because of their ethnicity, age, physical or mental state. A lot of works of art, scientific discoveries, inventions are made by people regarded as being in the margins. What we write in the margins of our books (those of us who dare!) can be more relevant to us than the printed text.

So interpret the ideas of ‘in the margins’ as creatively as you wish in your short story entry.”


Closing Date: Saturday 16th May, 2015

Word count: 1000

Prizes: £50 (plus possible publication in Suffolk Magazine), 2x£10 (runners up)

For full details on how to enter – and to sign up for more information about the festival, click: HERE

11 thoughts on “Felixstowe Book Festival Short Story Comp 2015

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