Story Fridays Call for Submissions NOIR


Story Fridays are looking for submissions of short stories for our NOIR night on 7th November. Think Maltese Falcon, Dial M for Murder, The Big Sleep. Think Chandler, Spillane, Hammett. Think, well, Humphrey Bogart. We’re looking for suspense and thrillers, for crimes and passion in our stories this month. So roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a whisky and load up your gun…or your laptop, if you must…

We are teaming up with B&NES Library Services and the Bath Chronicle for this one, and we can offer PRIZES!! Two newcomers to Story Fridays will receive £20 book tokens. The other writers, who might have had their work read at Story Fridays before, will receive £10 book tokens. All stories will be read by Clare Reddaway for A Word In Your Ear, June Wentland for B&NES, Kilter Theatre and a representative of the Bath Chronicle, none of whom will be eligible to submit stories this time.

FREE WORKSHOP!! B&NES Libraries are offering a free workshop to writers who want to get in the mood for Noir. Acclaimed screenwriter Jeff Dowson  and June Wentland will be running the workshop on Saturday October 11th from 1-3pm at Bath Central Library. June says: ‘the workshop will get writers in a ‘noir’ frame of mind. It will inspire them, get them writing an opening paragraph, and develop ideas of setting, mood and characters.’ Places are limited – to sign up please email June at June_Wentland@BATHNES.GOV.UK.

We are screening a classic film noir after the stories in November: The Third Man. Orson Welles in war-devastated Vienna, screenplay by Graham Greene, directed by Carol Reed. A wonderful film, with a zither score to die for, the best chase in a sewer ever and a speech on a ferris wheel by Welles about the Borgias and cuckoo clocks which I wish I could memorize and quote. Well worth watching.

We are looking for short stories or monologues, fact or fiction (but mainly fiction), maximum 2,000 words. 2,000 is a maximum though – we’ve had some lovely flash fiction in the past. No poetry please.

The event will be held on Friday 7th November at Burdall’s Yard in Bath. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 22nd October. PLEASE check that you are available to come along on the 7th November before you submit. We like the writers to be in the audience for these events.

Two wonderful professional actors, Olly Langdon and Caroline Garland of Kilter Theatre, are very happy to read your story if performance gives you the jitters. Let me know in your email when you submit if you’d like someone else to read your piece.

Submit your stories via the website here:

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