The Special Relationship with Tom Basden, Sep 2


The ‘Raffish and Overread’ Special Relationship is back at the Book Club to bring you another night of stories, poetry, films and sweets thrown ever so gently at your date’s head.

This time we are joined by:

– KATY WIX, actress and writer, best known for being all over telly: Not Going Out, Torchwood, Outnumbered and Absolutely Fabulous

– BEN FERGUSSON, novelist and editor, reading from his new novel, ‘The Spring of Kasper Meier’

– The poet PHILIP NANTON is coming all the way from Bardados

And fresh off a smash run of his hit play, “Holes”, our BFF TOM BASDEN is back!

So the least you can do is hop on the tube for three poxy tube stations. You lazy sods.

Hugs and Kisses,

The Special Relationship.

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