Don’t Do It Issue Five: Electricity

Issue Five: Electricity

As we find our dials increasingly tuned to the pleasures, excesses and pitfalls of our digital age and format, Don’t Do It approaches technology — like everything else — aslant.

In this issue, our fifth, we turn to electricity in all its iterations: as substance, as metaphor, as power source, as frisson.

Our usual host of crackling fiction and poetry is joined by essays on all things electrical, two interviews with hypertext author  Michael Joyce and actor-novelist-playwright Neil Bartlett, a music mix and, if you hunt, more than one video.

Plug in, play, and enjoy.

-The Editors

Featuring fiction from Ayesha Siddiqi, Richard Kostelanetz, Paul McMichael, DS Maolalaí, Gill Haigh and Tal Bibas.
Essays by Betsy Lewis-Holmes, Richard Bosch, Robert Stagg and Stephanie Boland.
Music by Debi Ghose of, among other venues, NTS radio.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Do It Issue Five: Electricity

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