Window of Opportunity

The Tasmania-and-London-based inter-continentl project that is Transportation: Islands and Cities (a book to be published later this year) is opening its submissions window, short story writers should be glad to know. The publishers behind the project, and indeed its editors, have reported an upturn in exposure and interest in the book. Therefore, submissions have been opened for a short time to allow writers new to the project to submit their work. For more on how to submissions, see here.

The project is asking that lovers of new writing and daring literary fiction take a moment to get involved with the crowd-funding campaign to pay the writers attached to Transportation with “top value rewards” available.

The project launch night on the London side of things will take place at The Society Club Soho, London this Tuesday 12th July at 7:30pm and is free entry to all. Longtime Saul Bellow collaborator and literary behemoth Keith Botsford will be speaking at the event, a long with live readings of short stories from raw literary talents.

keith botsford transportation web

Keith Botsford, 50 year collaborator of the late Saul Bellow.


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