Call for submissions – Here Comes Everyone BOY/GIRL Issue


The BOY/GIRL Issue

Deadline 15/7/14

It’s submissions time again and for the next issue HCE has a real gem: gender, sex and identity in the Here Comes Everyone Boy/Girl Issue. We’re interested in anything that challenges or questions the nature of gender norms, sexual identity, cultural expectations of gender, and sexism.

As ever, we encourage inventive, explorative and original articles, artwork, fiction and poetry that wrestle with the theme.

Here are a few avenues of thought to get you started:

– What’s more important for gender identification, the mind or biology?
– How relevant is gender in today’s society?
– Will there ever be an age where people stop identifying themselves with their sexuality? A ‘post-sexuality’ age where identities and preferences are fluid and dynamic?
– What is it like to be between the supposedly binary gender states?
– Are femininity and masculinity mutually exclusive?
– Is art more interested in women than men?

See for full submission guidelines.

Please send your submissions to and any enquiries or pitches to


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