Fictions of Every Kind: North

Fictions of Every Kind is a 100% non-profit, DIY writers’ social night, based in Leeds. We aim to support and encourage anyone engaged in the lonely act of writing.

Our next event, themed North, is on June 3rd, at Wharf Chambers in Leeds. It’s part of the HanNah festival, and is a collaboration between us, The Poetry Business, and The Writing Squad.

Our invited speakers at this event are:

CLARE FISHER The winner of the 2013 Spread the Word prize, Clare will be reading from her ‘North’ series set inside the Inner Leeds Ring Road.

STEVE DEARDEN “In a moment, Steve’s stories stories can go violent, almost too violent, then sexy, really sexy, then funny. Strangely obsessive. And very very smart. Wonderful moments of existential clarity. And then he breaks my heart. Bastard.” Tom Spanbauer

+ Readings from The North magazine, curated by its editors Peter & Anne Sansom
+ Readings from members of the current Writing Squad

+ Music from PHILIP BROOK

PLEASE NOTE: There will be an open mic at this event, but spots are likely to be a little more limited than usual. (Sorry about this.) Flash fiction, short fiction, true stories, and excerpts from larger works are all welcome. Please observe our 5 minute-limit for reading – please keep your contributions within this time to give everybody a chance to read. If you go over 5 minutes, you will be stopped! If you are new to our open mic and would like to reserve a spot to read at this event, please send us a facebook message or email s dot j dot bradley at hotmail dot com.

For more information on this event, please visit the facebook events page

PLEASE NOTE: Wharf Chambers is a members club, and you must be a member in order to attend an event here. Joining costs £1 and takes a minimum of 48 hours to take effect. See to join.


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