Stand Up Tragedy: Greek Tragedy

On June 12th Stand Up Tragedy are putting the sic into classics as we return to the birthplace of tragic narrative, and gather together performers from across the genres to put on night of Greek Tragedy.

Highlights will be Andy Zaltzman making use of his classics degree, ukulele tragedy from cabaret mistress Tricity Vogue, mythic poems from David Lee Morgan and some excellent nonsense from comedian Joz Norris. The line-up includes theatre, spoken word, comedy, storytelling and traditional greek folksongs.

Expect each act to take you to a completely different place, while host, Sony and Radio Academy Award nominated podcaster, storyteller and writer, Dave Pickering, guides you through the cathartic twists and turns.


What is Stand Up Tragedy?

It “takes in everything from music to comedy and is characterised by an emphasis on truth.”
The Independent

An “entertaining bunch of melancholic oddballs”
The London Word

Stand Up Tragedy aims to make audiences laugh until they cry and cry until they laugh. It’s a monthly live show and podcast where people stand up and tell tragedy. We make you sad; we make you think; we make you smile. Expect music, comedy, fiction, spoken word, true stories and more, all playing up to the tragic form but not always taking it too seriously. The night ends, not with a whimper, not with a bang, but with a cathartic sing-a-long.

At Stand Up Tragedy, we combine established acts like Robin Ince, Josie Long, Ben Target, Grace Petrie, Sara Pascoe, Helen Zaltzman, Simon Munnery and Helen Arney with new and upcoming acts, creating evenings of variety based around a theme. Performers often write new material especially for our nights and relish the opportunity to put a tragic spin on what they do. The nights are recorded and put out into a weekly podcast.

Stand Up Tragedy were selected as one of the Guardian’s 10 national storytelling nights.

To get a taste of the tragedy have a listen to our podcast.


One thought on “Stand Up Tragedy: Greek Tragedy

  1. Greetings from Flash Fiction Forum in San Jose, CA! We love “standup tragedy” and “putting the ‘sic in classics.” Barrels of kudos your way! If you’ll be in the area, August 13th, submit a piece of mini-memoir, narrative poetry, or flash fiction to and perhaps yours will be selected. (We are happy to offer editing suggestions when we feel pieces are close) Wish we lived closer!

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