The Cro Magnon – Call for Submissions

The Cro Magnon ( is a literary magazine of new writers huddled around a fire telling stories, exploring new meaning, and creating. From prehistoric conversation to the novel, the rudiments of writing are the communal exchange of unfixed abstractions, constructs, and images. This unchanged archaic root binds our publications to a wider process – a process whereby the epigenesis and entropy of a text are included in our il n’y a pas de hors-texte approach to publishing.

The Cro Magnon Man and his Fire

The Cro Magnon Man and his Fire


We are looking to invite writers to join us at this Fireside. Whether you write short stories, plays, poems, or essays and reviews, we want your words. We want the thinkers, the originals, and the primal transgressors among you to submit your work.

All submissions will be considered for our website, but exceptional work also has the added chance of being produced by The Cro Magnon Theatre in one of our travelling Fireside performances, or being printed in our first publication of The Cro Magnon. Soon we will also be announcing our inaugural paid Short story competition, so check in regularly for updates.

All submissions should be double spaced, and emailed to with a brief cover letter, your name and a word count. Please also make the subject of your email ‘Short story(poetry/play/essay/review) Submission’ and your name. For any enquires please email he will be more than happy to help.

We look forward to you joining us at the Fireside.

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