Story Fridays Call for submissions

Story Fridays are looking for short stories for our May event, In Focus.  We’re doing something different this time, and asking writers to have a look at a selection of photos on our website to find story inspiration…  Here are a few tasters:

There are more images on the website here:

May Story Fridays is on Friday 23rd May, deadline for submissions is 12th May.  All the submission details are on the website, but in brief, we’re looking for stories 2,100 words or under that work well when performed out loud to an audience.  We’re hoping for a really wide range of stories from these images, and we’re looking forward to some exciting submissions.  If you don’t want to submit, do come along to the event – stories start at 8pm on Friday 23rd May at Burdall’s Yard in Bath.  See you there!

Please submit your stories via the website here:

Read more about Story Fridays on Short Stops here.


4 thoughts on “Story Fridays Call for submissions

  1. The website states, “Writers need to be available to attend the Story Friday that they have submitted for, even if they choose not to perform.”

    Do you ever make exceptions for those on the other side of the Atlantic?

    • I think that being that far away would constitute a proper excuse! And submissions from the States would give Story Fridays the right to call ourselves ‘international’ which would be thrilling! Please, submit away!

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