Writing Maps Launches New Contest and Lit Mag

The Character Writing MapWriting Maps, the illustrated posters with writing inspiration and story ideas, has launched a monthly Writing Maps Writing Contest to coincide with each month’s new Writing Map.

The challenge is to write a 150-word piece in response to the Prompt of the Month. Each month’s two winning entries will appear in A3, a new fold-out literary magazine to be published every six months. The first issue will appear in September 2014. Winning entries will also receive free Writing Maps and contributor copies of the Writing Maps Journal.

April’s Writing Maps Writing Contest opens 19 April 2014. Deadline is: 26 April 2014. Click here to visit the site for submission guidelines and the April prompt.

March’s prompt was inspired by the new Voice and Point of View Writing Map: Your writing voice is made up of the words that resonate for you. Pick a word you love and write about it with passion. Research it, reshape it, reinvent it. Be exuberant about it, erudite, outrageous. The winning entries were: Susan Barsby’s “Diphthong” and Fay Griffiths’ “Muslin”.

4 thoughts on “Writing Maps Launches New Contest and Lit Mag

  1. Hello Short Stops, Would you please post the following information – about a new short story competition – on your website please. Many thanks, Kate Wilde

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