Winter Issue Of Neon, And Chapbooks

Neon - Issue 37

I’m not a cigarette I said to the giant cigarette looking suspiciously back at me through the mirror in the truck stop bathroom. The room was filthy, covered in green sludge, and the toilet had committed suicide. There were pieces of brown brain spilling out of the ceramic entry wound. The plunger made some sly remark I couldn’t quite make out, and spontaneously combusted. It smelled delicious.

– From “A Suspicious Cigarette” by Erric Emerson, Issue #37, Neon Literary Magazine

The above is a brief extract from the recently-published winter issue of Neon Literary Magazine. You can read the rest of Erric’s story, as well as the other works featured in the issue, by visiting PDF, EPUB and MOBI editions of the magazine are free, and a print issue costs just £2.50. This edition features the work of Paul Bavister, Shanalee Smith, Noel Williams, Christopher Owen, Tracey S Rosenberg, Erric Emerson, Meg Eden, and Joe Evans.  The cover image is by Timur Cetintas. In its pages you will find guns and knives, nightmarish exam days, a story about Facebook friends and some excellent concrete poetry.

In addition to the new issue, there’re also a number of exciting new projects in the pipeline. At the moment in particular we’re looking for proposals for chapbooks and pamphlets to be published over the next few years. Read more about this, or submit something via the webform at Submissions to Neon are open as well, and if you think you have something that might be right for the magazine please do send it along.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to add Neon on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or join us on Google+.

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