Long Story Short January Edition: ‘Nutella’

Photo © Neil Coleman

Photo © Neil Coleman

Long Story, Short Journal: January Edition

Laura woke with two languages on her tongue. She gave herself a moment to remember where she was, then she eased back the sheets and pulled herself out of bed. Crossing the bedroom, she pulled the window wide. When she leant out, she could see over the garden to the Château at Valençay. In the light of the early morning, it looked more imposing than ever. Laura let her gaze drop back into the garden. The sun had already started to heat up and patterns of shade were appearing on the lawn. She felt a flash of contentment that was quickly followed by disappointment: already she knew this would be the best part of her day.

Set on Bastille Day in the French countryside, Nutella is a classic ‘lonely voice’ story which follows the life of an au pair who has left her home country with a secret she hopes to protect. Katie M. Anderson’s portrait of youth on the cusp of responsibility makes for an engaging read. CLICK HERE TO READ ‘NUTELLA’.

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