Tentative First Steps

Well here we all are. Hello. How do you do? This is Number Eleven, we are an online literary journal and we want you (not your souls or anything like that, just your attention). I will keep this as brief as I can, I just want to welcome you to our little corner of this absolutely fabulous site. It’s going to take time to get to know your names off by heart but if you all sit in the same position every day then it should be fine and we’ll all get on like a house on fire (okay, I’ll be serious now).

Issue Three of Number Eleven is only a few weeks old and we’d love it if you could have a quick look and tell us what you think – http://numberelevenmagazine.com/. The reading window for Issue Four is open right now and I encourage you to send us some of your work, we look forward to reading it.

There are some amazing journals involved in this project and I can’t wait to see how this grows and where this wonderful pathway that Tania has so carefully hewn will lead us. I have itchy feet so I think an adventure could be on the cards, either that or a trip to a chiropodist. I think I’d rather have an adventure…

7 thoughts on “Tentative First Steps

  1. What a great looking e-magazine! Photogenically appealing, the text clear and the format set for easy reading – plenty of white space for resting the eyes.

    All the stories were high value, but the one which got my tweet (and favourite) was Good Grief by Niecy O’Keefe.

    The title leads you to think this will be a light hearted piece and it certainly has its laugh out loud moments, but these serve as contrast, illuminating the story’s premise. It’s pitch perfect, the voice Irish in all its wonderfully lilted tones and aphorisms of suffering and genuine people. And then comes the unfolding realisation that we are all the same, and what does ‘I’m sorry’ really mean?

    Good. Grief. And so you find it is an apt title after all.

  2. So excited about your new venture. Short stories and flash continue to pour out and I’m never sure what to do with them. Your mags list could be really useful!. Thank you.

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